While other SI’s are just starting to expand their services from the traditional CRM/Sales Automation to CPQ and CLM implementations, Quote to order processes automation & transformation are our core focus and sweet spot for almost 10 years now. We have been implementing CPQ & CLM for companies with complexity around their products, quoting, ordering and contracting across multiple platforms and industries. Our accumulated business process optimization knowledge and domain expertise allow us to help our customers accomplish their desired transformation.

Our requirements and design process is designed to develop a future state quoting and contracting solution that is well integrated to the systems and processes landscape, reduces manual work, improve sales and operations efficiency, create optimal quotes through deal guidance, streamline approval process and reduce the overall quote-to-order cycle time.

Our mantra is that we question any business requirement (“what”) with a follow up “why” question to make sure all process improvement opportunities were identified.

In addition to having dozens of CPQ and CLM projects, across multiple platforms, Uptima brings extensive experience in the world of multi-tiered distribution channels. That leads us to believe Uptima can be a positive driver towards a successful and impactful Apttus Quote-to-Order implementation.

As certified implementation partners for vendors like Apttus, Oracle CPQ Cloud (BigMachines), Salesforce CPQ (SteelBrick), and CallidusCloud Uptima guarantees:

  • Best Practices Prescriptive Approach – Our practice directors and project management team will work closely with the customer’s project team to ensure alignment to the program strategic objectives and to clearly define project success with supporting key performance indicators. We will also act as gatekeepers to mitigate common risks such as over customization, focusing on edge use-cases, or the lack of presence and accountability by the business user community relying on IT for interpretation of their requirements and usability expectations.
  • Cross-platform experience – Maximize profits as more modules can be implemented
  • Advanced integration– Ensure that your Q2C system is fully compatible with ERP and/or CRM solutions and other back-office solutions
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-implementation support-
    • Make the most out of opportunities for improvement
    • Identify gaps overlooked during implementation
  • Excellent track record- Our client satisfaction rate is 100%. 
In addition to these benefits, we service companies that are still evaluating their CPQ or CLM needs and requirements. Utilizing our specialized methodology, we can help with everything from evaluation to pricing all the way through to post-implementation follow-ups. Our wide-ranging services give you the best chance of having a complete and successful CPQ, CLM a implementation from beginning to end.