Uptima Elevate, Breaking down Our Approach by Industry

  At Uptima, our Elevate team is working on industry solutions that can help customers and their business in the end-to-end revenue lifecycle. As part of this effort, we understand […]

Uptima Announces New Business Innovation, Uptima Elevate

  PITTSBURGH, April 10, 2023  — Uptima, a rapidly growing consulting firm that created “Everything-to-Revenue™”, releases a new approach to industry-specific innovation: Uptima Elevate. Elevate works with the world’s best […]

Tips for Successful Digital Transformation

  What Should You Expect When Planning a Field Service Asset Management Digital Transformation? Digital transformations are a huge undertaking. Digital transformations for field service and asset management are even […]

Merger Acquisition & Onboarding Readiness, All in Salesforce (Office of the CFO Series, Part 6)

  Many organizations strategically expand, grow, invest, hedge and capture market share through merger and acquisitions. A challenge that is often faced in M&A is how to digitally onboard people, […]

Revenue Forecasting, Reporting, Leakage and Churn (Office of the CFO Series, Part 5)

Throughout this series we have covered critical factors that enable the Office of the CFO including Sales & Financial Master, Data Readiness, Salesforce + ERP, SSP & the Sales Catalog […]

Standalone Selling Price and the Product Catalog (Office of the CFO Series, Part 4)

    Standalone Selling Price. SSP. ASC 606. Standalone Selling Price. SSP. ASC 606. When speaking with clients, oftentimes these terms are seen by clients, especially financial stakeholders, as new, […]

CLM for Med Device: Solving Industry Specific Challenges with DocuSign

    The Background The Medical device space provides us with a unique opportunity to explore solving industry specific challenges and the value DocuSign CLM can add to the organization. […]

Salesforce plus the ERP: In Perfect Harmony (Office of the CFO Series, Part 3)

    As discussed in our two previous posts in this education series, Salesforce can address and support key priorities that matter to CFO’s and Finance departments. The clear establishment […]

Data Readiness (Office of the CFO Series, Part 2)

    “Garbage in, garbage out” – George Fuechsel A lot of people use the term “garbage in, garbage out” without realizing that this was actually coined by George Fuechsel, […]

The Sales Master and the Financial Master: An Overview (Office of the CFO Series, Part 1)

    I say often “Revenue is king, margin is a measurement of health and disclosures are the devil in the details. Sales and Finance are equally accountable to the […]