Beyond the Kiosk: Experience Cloud Is for Connection

The Transformation of Self-Service

Remember when ordering started to become self-service and even those of us in the technology industry were frustrated? Once when ordering ice cream sundaes for my kids, I couldn’t customize one without peanuts for my daughter with braces. When the sundaes came out and I tried to explain, my expectation was customer service. Instead, I got the opposite, and it was my fault the kiosk didn’t offer the option.

Today, that same fast-food experience is so connected to me that it offers me a piping-hot coffee on our way to an early morning soccer game. We’ve digitally transformed beyond that kiosk experience and into connection. Experiences like these are what you need to provide for your customers, and Salesforce Experience Cloud is here to engage and empower them.

What is Experience Cloud?

Built on top of your existing Salesforce platform, Experience Cloud is a site that gives your customers (and/or partners) access to the data you use to interact with them, with you controlling what they are able to see and edit. It’s a way to have them engage with other customers, learn about your business, submit support cases, or submit ideas to improve your products.

Just like all of the other solutions that Salesforce provides, Experience Cloud allows you to grow at your own pace with prebuilt templates that allow your team to customize the site or go all-out with your designers and developers in control of the CLI.

Using Experience Cloud for Connection

Now that you know what Experience Cloud is, let’s focus on connection–one of the common ways our clients are using these sites to engage their customers and even drive revenue.

These are just a few of the ideas that we’ve seen, and you have so many other use cases that can be brought to life using your knowledge of your customers and what brings them together.

Your customers are expecting connections and engagement, but they also want to do it on their own terms, just like I wanted to do at that fast-food kiosk years ago. Let’s meet them right where they are and build beautiful digital experiences that engage and connect, together.

Becky Willis,
Consulting Manager at Uptima