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“Uptima is a great partner of Salesforce. They bring an extremely knowledgeable team to every customer, especially when it comes to field service.

They are always willing to help, and engage very well with both the customer and Salesforce internally. ptima has become my go to partner for Service and FSL opportunities.”


Senior Strategic Account Executive, Service Cloud, Salesforce

Outdated Service System was causing customer to have no direct visibility of Field Technicians

Communication between office and field was fractured and archaic (too much paper and human error).

Self-scheduling caused technicians to go over time, with a terrible work/life balance

Non-systematic Communication with customer

Uptima is implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service to meet customer requirements:

Schedule optimization included scheduling recipes and inin-dayptimization

Timesheet management including a full “time punch” functionality

Customer Community

Allowed SMS messaging with Customer

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