Military Fireside: Working with Trauma

12pm EST Thursday, March 23 | Live Panel Discussion


A session dedicated to recognizing and managing the symptoms of trauma and PTSD from service.

Hear stories of overcoming difficulties from veterans. Gain insights into recovery from Scotty Howard, a veteran & mental health professional. Connect with military mentors and receive tools and resources to better manage the stressors that come from service. 

Whether you are Active Duty, Veteran, Transitioning Veteran, Military Spouse, or Military Ally, the military community is a special place. Join us for our fireside with Military Thought Leaders and Mentors to connect with a professional community that get's it. Share military experiences and how they translate into performance skills in civilian life. Mentor others looking for employment, support, or a new purpose. Laugh about culture shock. All are welcome.

This fireside series seeks to help our military community pursue successful, meaningful employment and overall wellbeing.

About Our Panelists

Lee Mish, Veteran | Regional Vice PresidentRevenue Cloud, Salesforce

Alex Bell, Military Ally | Chief Strategy Officer, Uptima

AJ Sawhney, Veteran | Vice President, Customer Success, Uptima

Shae Malcolm, Veteran | Project Manager, Uptima

Thad Tripp, Veteran | SVP Operations and Integration, Smarsh

Scotty Howard, Veteran | Mental Health Professional, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, BCD

Fireside Agenda

Thursday, March 23rd | 12pm-1:00pm EST

11:55-12pm EST: Join from your device and grab a fresh cup of joe

12pm-12:05pm EST: "My journey from the Military" Military Panelist introductions

12:05-12:25pm EST: Moving forward after Trauma

12:25-12:45 EST: Recognizing and managing stress, trauma, and PTSD

12:45-12:55pm EST: Open Q&A

1:00pm EST: Connect with Panelists for future conversations. Next fireside announced

Entire session: Uplifting and casual conversation seeking to help the military community pursue meaningful employment.


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