Cybersecurity Company

Revitalized partner portal to improve UX and boost adoptionCybersecurity Company provides content control and network security solutions.Increased adoption rates among partners through enhanced UX Improved satisfaction and engagement by ensuring […]

Biotech Company

Streamlined operations and data consistencyBiotech Company produces and supports innovative products to support advanced biomedical research.Improved efficiency of parts ordering process and accuracy of product stock management. Real-time visibility into inventory […]

Engineering and IT Services Company

Revolutionized contract management lifecycleEningeering and IT Services Company offers solutions designed to enhance and maximize the operational performance of its customers.Simplified the contract review process, ensuring compliance and efficiency Increased […]

Data Protection Company

Enhanced system efficiency and quoting processesData Protection Company specializes in advanced data backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention, and compliance.Unified the use of Salesforce CPQ across multiple product […]

Enterprise Software Company

Streamlined quoting processes and calculationsEnterprise Software Company delivers mission-critical technology solutions at scale.Service team can utilize available discounts and approvals quickly and accurately for consistent pricing Clients enjoy a simplified […]

Identity Verification Company

Strengthened sales operations and automated billingIdentity Verification Company delivers customizable authentication solutions for businesses.Enhanced efficiency in quoting and billing processes, leading to a more streamlined sales cycle Improved sales experience […]

Hydration Technology Company

Enhanced customer interaction and operational efficiencyHydration Technology Company provides filtered water solutions through a diverse range of bottle-free machines.Reduced dependency on manual processes, facilitating scalability Enhanced field service efficiency, leading […]

Identity Solutions Company

Revolutionized business unity and efficiencyIdentity Solutions Company offers services to safeguard digital assets, networks, and information.Increased user adoption in Salesforce Broke down communication barriers between business practices Increased efficiency through […]

Security Software Company

Optimized quoting processes and enhanced CPQ functionality to boost productivitySecurity Software Company provides content delivery network services, cloud cybersecurity, DDoS mitigation, and domain registration services.Improved system utilization and effectiveness Reduced […]

Software & Data Company

Elevated pricing and quoting efficiencySoftware & Data Company offers business intelligence, sales prospecting, market targeting, and recruitment tools with extensive data analytics.Achieved an 80% reduction in the number of products […]