Financial Services Company

Unified commercial, technical, and account teamsFinancial Services Company helps customers accelarate value creation through credit ratings, insights, data, and decision solutions. Enhanced operational efficiency by consolidating systems Improved customer satisfaction by […]

Data Protection Company

Enhanced system efficiency and quoting processesData Protection Company specializes in advanced data backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention, and compliance.Unified the use of Salesforce CPQ across multiple product […]

Enterprise Software Company

Streamlined quoting processes and calculationsEnterprise Software Company delivers mission-critical technology solutions at scale.Service team can utilize available discounts and approvals quickly and accurately for consistent pricing Clients enjoy a simplified […]

Identity Verification Company

Strengthened sales operations and automated billingIdentity Verification Company delivers customizable authentication solutions for businesses.Enhanced efficiency in quoting and billing processes, leading to a more streamlined sales cycle Improved sales experience […]

Architectural Glass & Aluminum Company

Revolutionized operations by unifying systemsArchitectural Glass and Aluminum Company delivers innovative design and installation services.Transitioned from six disparate applications to a unified Salesforce-based workflowReduced risk of errors and improved team […]

Commercial Door Repair Company

Modernized field operations through digital transformationCommercial Door Repair Company specializes in providing exceptional door, gate, and dock equipment repair.Reduced asset and service revenue leakage, safeguarding financial integrity Streamlined and optimized […]

Security Software Company

Optimized quoting processes and enhanced CPQ functionality to boost productivitySecurity Software Company provides content delivery network services, cloud cybersecurity, DDoS mitigation, and domain registration services.Improved system utilization and effectiveness Reduced […]

Software & Data Company

Elevated pricing and quoting efficiencySoftware & Data Company offers business intelligence, sales prospecting, market targeting, and recruitment tools with extensive data analytics.Achieved an 80% reduction in the number of products […]

Enterprise Data Company

Optimized enterprise data solutionsEnterprise Data Company offers advanced data integration, analytics, and management software.Developed tailored recommendations for current and future state architecture and business processes, aligning with organizational priorities Enhanced […]

Adoption Strategy: The Executive’s Key to Success 

Success in a changing climate In today’s economic climate, change is constant. Executives who want to ensure the success of their organization need to be skilled with managing change. This […]