Engineering Cloud Company

Modernized contracting and quoting processesEngineering Cloud Company offers customers digital platform transformation by using different technology strategies. Customer needed Master Data Management strategy and was unsure of where to begin their […]

Design, Build, & Maintenance Solutions Company

Accelerated the sales cycle by demonstrating the value behind organized systems and a complete asset to revenue cycle solutionDesign, Build, & Maintenance Solutions Company helps client projects by implementing solutions […]

Enterprise Identity & Access Management Co.

Unified all aspects of customers’ business processes into one streamlined location.Enterprise Identity & Access Management Co. provides simple and secure access to people and organizations everywhere, giving them the confidence […]

Welding, Safety, Medical & Gas Supplier Company

Combined Salesforce Field Service with DocuSign Doc Gen to reduce manual workload & increase customer satisfactionWelding, Safety, Medical & Gas Supplier Company supplies welding, safety, medical, and gas services. Reduced manual […]

Experimental Technologies Company

Implemented field service and proved it to be the best-of-breed toolExperimental Technologies Company helps customers optimize their devices and improve user experience.Uptima was a trusted advisor to the customer and […]

Vehicle Manufacturer Company

Uptima gained trust as an expert advisor and helped customer maximize their Salesforce investmentVehicle Manufacturer Company provides new innovative ways to increase sustainable vehicles that help everyone gets around.Achieved a […]

Healthcare Manufacturer Solutions

Doubled service revenue within 9 monthsHealthcare Manufacturer Solutions helps medical professionals improve their medical procedures for patients. Implement one of the first Field Service and Asset 360 projects in North Reduced […]

Global Hardware & Software Solutions Provider

Demonstrated how Salesforce could repair a broken systemGlobal Hardware & Software Solutions Provider is a developer of products that enhance modern technologies.Customer was heavily burned due to failed prior implementation. […]

Surgical Robotics Company

Provided easy access into asset history for traceability and regulatory complianceSurgical Robotics Company develops medical solutions for better doctor-to-patient care. Customer was contemplating if they needed an enterprise grade service solution […]

Safety Education Consulting Firm

Reduced manual labor, implemented Field Service, and stayed under budgetSafety Education Consulting Firm focuses on keeping employees safe on the job. Customer contemplated if Field Service was the right solution for their […]