The Foundations of Customer Success Management


At Uptima, we set ourselves apart – not just because of our celebrated culture, but because we truly care about your success.

Your success = Our Success

We value our ability to be vulnerable and empathize with others. We aim to provide transparency and honesty, laying a foundation for meaningful, long-term relationships.

We use the following foundations of Customer Success Management in the Managed Services Department to do just that.

Being an Advocate

As your partner, we are responsible for ensuring the right audience hears your voice so we can provide you with appropriate resources, skills, and expertise. This provides you with the knowledge you need to make confident, informed decisions for your organization. Advocating for you means we also communicate best practices and provide recommendations for improvement on current processes we see inefficiencies in. We aren’t just here to check items off of a list. We are here to provide you with insight and expertise that sets you and your team up for long-term success.

Build Meaningful & Genuine Relationships

Advocating for our clients is just the beginning of building a meaningful relationship. Our clients need to know that we genuinely care about their success – not just within our engagement but as people. This applies to our internal teams, as well. When you truly care about the people you work with, your enthusiasm for success is so much greater!

Foster Strategic Dialogue  

We are here to help you grow and evolve your business strategically and sustainably. That means making sure you stay informed of products, capabilities, and services within the Salesforce ecosystem that could provide value. We listen for pain points, identify common themes, and ask clarifying questions to transform them into solutions. We keep ourselves informed of upcoming features/changes to ensure that what we build today will be supported long-term.

What does Success mean for you?

Our Customer Success Managers organize quarterly business reviews where we discuss the prior quarter and more importantly- what’s coming up on your roadmap. Fostering this level of strategic dialogue allows us to pull in the right people with the right skills to support your upcoming initiatives. We work strategically with your partners/vendors to make sure we are all aligned on what success looks like for you. Being an advocate builds trusted, meaningful relationships, allowing strategic dialogue to flow freely.


Written by Megan Jackson, Customer Success Manager