Uptima Announces New Business Innovation, Uptima Elevate


PITTSBURGH, April 10, 2023  — Uptima, a rapidly growing consulting firm that created “Everything-to-Revenue™”, releases a new approach to industry-specific innovation: Uptima Elevate. Elevate works with the world’s best platforms to create one frictionless feel and a complete solution for customers. With this approach, Elevate helps drive platform innovation while responsibly guiding a strategic roadmap for our customers.

Uptima Elevate seeks to reduce total cost of ownership and improve time to value for customers, by creating sustainable solutions using configurable software components for easier maintenance and minimized technology debt.  Uptima offers deep expertise in industries including manufacturing, technology, commercial, construction, and engineering. By leveraging its vast experience, tested framework and offerings, Uptima Elevate creates outcomes that will unlock revenue, increase speed to ROI, and get customers live faster.

By building deep relationships with Elevate Launch Partners Logik.io and Zilliant, along with a strong Salesforce partnership, Elevate understands innovation built into current technologies.  Customers can experience a complete, unified end-to-end platform across industry-leading enablers including CRM, CLM, CPQ, MES, and ERP.

Adam Menzies, CEO of Uptima says, “Businesses in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy, Automotive, and Technology Industries are partnering with Uptima for a complete solution across revenue generation and customer service processes. This is not a new perspective, but a new approach. By working with our partners, we are extremely pleased to offer customers a higher time-to-value. We feel for our customers when software isn’t being used efficiently out of the gate. We created Elevate to help our customers turn Software as a Service into Innovation as a Service.”

“Winning enterprise companies are focusing their attention on better leveraging technology to simplify sales processes and reduce cost of sale for all their products” said Christopher Shutts, CEO and co-founder of Logik.io. “Logik.io is excited to be a part of the Uptima Elevate program to directly address these goals and drive much needed innovation and transformation around complex configuration in manufacturing and technology industries for some of the world’s biggest companies.”

“I’m thrilled to work with Uptima Elevate to leverage our collective expertise in solving complex business challenges to further accelerate value for customers,” said Zilliant Chief Executive Officer Pascal Yammine. “More impactful, profitable pricing paired with a more expeditious time to contract is an incredibly powerful combination; we are excited to collaborate and drive outstanding results.”

Lou Simon, Head of Innovation and Elevate says, “What sets Uptima apart is our deep revenue consulting experience across systems. We are able to outline industry personas, genuinely understand the business case, and speak in our customer’s business terms to demonstrate how technology can operationalize their organization. We have deep industry knowledge from solving the problem before, and forward-thinking abilities for the future of business. This confluence serves as a strategic roadmap for our customer’s journey.”

With the launch of Uptima Elevate come several Industry-specific solutions ready to help customers solve for their biggest challenges quickly. Solutions include ElevateQuoting, Work Crew Timesheets, Manufacturing Business Solution, and a customized dashboard for companies utilizing recurring revenue models. For a complete list of offerings, please visit https://uptima.com/elevate/.

About Uptima

Uptima is a global consulting and system integration firm specializing in B2B Customer Experience Transformation in the areas of Quote to Cash, Field Service Management and Contract Lifecycle Management. Uptima helps clients optimize their revenue, service and agreement processes and build their future Sales, Service, Legal, and Revenue Operations. With over 15 years of experience and a portfolio with hundreds of successful implementations, Uptima serves clients across the globe.

For more information about Uptima, please visit www.uptima.com, search Uptima on the Salesforce AppExchange and follow Uptima on Linkedin.