We walk the walk.

Values are meaningless if they are not lived, daily experiences.

We seek every-day behaviors that help develop grit for life’s biggest challenges.


We approach situations with a curious mindset

We don’t claim to know the answer to every question

But we won’t be able to sleep until we figure it out

We live to ask, “Why?” and, “Could this be easier?”

We are a team of fixers and builders


We take the do-no-harm approach 

We approach solving your business pain-points as if they were our own

We might say no to a solution if it’s not the right fit

We might even push back on a question or request 

We do this because we are driven to help you achieve success

Expect transparency and thoughtful decision making

We take thoughtful and responsible care of what is entrusted to us

When you win, we win


We value people who know their worth in a group

We are confident, not arrogant

Humble - we demonstrate a strong alignment towards the team’s goals, and prioritize collective wins over individual ones

Hungry - we are intrinsically motivated, diligent, and have a strong desire to do more by going above and beyond

People Smart - we understand people by being able to perceive and respond to their moods, intentions and feelings

Our Culture

We are a driven team with a curious mindset

We are a diverse group

  • Teams in Canada, India, Israel, Philippines and the US
  • Over 50% of our employees are women
  • Over 40% of our employees are Veterans and/or Military Spouses

We support each other in everything that we do

We thrive on solving our customer’s most complex problems

We go deep, not wide, with laser focus on our core areas around the Everything to Revenue™ model

We work hard and have fun in the process

We subscribe to a people model of mastery, autonomy and purpose

We are a fully remote company

We are gritty

Uptima Serves

Serving our Countries and Communities

We seek opportunities to connect with something bigger than ourselves, and grow stronger together in the process.

Giving back is a core part of our culture

Over 40% of our employees are Veterans and/or Military Spouses

We are grateful to our employees who perform military service and recognize the impact they make at Uptima

We are proud partners with Pledge 1%

We donate at least 1% of our product (i.e. our time) back into our communities

Company-wide global service projects & individual Volunteer Time Off

Our People

Individuals dedicated to service of others

Delivery Leadership

Ciara Skiles
Senior Director, Professional Services, North America

Yariv Medved
Senior Director, Professional Services, Israel

Mor Merzel
Director, Service Solutions Architecture

Kelsey DeMello
Director, PMO

Leadership Team

Boaz Meridor

Sigi Wise

Adam Menzies portrait

Adam Menzies
Chief Executive Officer

Alex Bell
Chief Strategy Officer

John Teel
SVP, Sales

James Purl
SVP, Strategic Accounts

Doug Hammer
Vice President, Operations

Lou Simon
Vice President, Elevate

Derrick Schultz
Vice President,  Contract Solutions & Oilfield Solutions

AJ Sawhney
Vice President, Customer Success