Military Fireside: Bridging The Gap to a Successful Transition – Blog Post

Join Uptima and Vets2PM for the Veterans Day Military Fireside webinar that translates military skills into the civilian workplace. Vets2PM Director of Career Services, Cathay Miclat will share her insights on a seamless transition into project management and the invaluable skill bridge program.

Key Highlights:

Military-to-Civilian Transition Explore the strategies and best practices for successfully transitioning your military expertise into a fulfilling civilian career

Project Management Advice Gain valuable insights into the world of project management, a career path known for its high demand and growth potential in the civilian sector.

● Skill Bridge Program: Discover how the Skill Bridge program can be a game-changer in aligning your military skills with the specific needs of civilian employers.

● Veterans Day Special: Celebrate Veterans Day by honoring and empowering veterans on their journey to civilian success.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain inspiration, have interactive discussions, and network for your post-military career. Register now for the Military Fireside event and take a step closer towards a successful transition.



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About Our Panelists

Adam Menzies, Military Ally | CEO, Uptima

Alex Bell, Military Ally | Chief Strategy Officer, Uptima

Cathy Miclat, Military Ally | Director of Marketing, Vets2PMScott Hutchison, Veteran | Project Manager, UptimaLaura Ferguson , Veteran Spouse | PMO Consulting Manager, Uptima


Fireside Agenda

Tuesday, Nov 14th | 2pm- 3:00pm EDT

1:55- 2:00 Join from your device and grab a fresh cup of joe

2:00- 2:10 Warm Welcome and Panelist Introductions

2:10-2:45  Military- to- Civilian Experience

2:45-2:55 Open Q&A

12:55 Closing Remarks. Next fireside announced

Entire Session: Uplifting and casual conversation seeking to help the military community pursue meaningful employment.


Thanks to our Uptimazing partners