Adoption Strategy: The Executive’s Key to Success 

Success in a changing climate

In today’s economic climate, change is constant. Executives who want to ensure the success of their organization need to be skilled with managing change. This means understanding the importance of change management, being involved in all phases of a project they are sponsoring, and communicating effectively with other stakeholders.

Change management is the process of helping people adapt to new ways of working. It includes identifying and addressing the challenges of change, as well as providing support to those who are affected by it. When change management is done effectively, it keeps projects on track and allows stakeholders to meet their objectives.

Lack of Support → Project Risk

The statistics about software & technology project failures are startling:

On the other hand, when executive stakeholders are involved from the beginning of a project, and the project includes change management, the project is:

And can significantly increase your company’s overall performance.⁴

Executives’ Roles in Effective Change Management

At Uptima, we work with stakeholders in technology transformations ranging from a smaller business to an enterprise company. Regardless of the company size, any organizational change involved with a technological tool being implemented needs a company’s leadership to actively own and participate for a successful outcome.


Leadership Buy-in is Essential to Prevent Project Failure

Here are some ideas to help your executive team embrace and support your projects:


Oh Crap…

Today, the executive team has to take notice, become involved, and be active participants beyond the normal financial impacts of a project. A worthwhile project transforms existing processes, including innovation that doesn’t yet exist in your organization. Don’t wait for the end of a project to say, “Oh crap, now we have to teach everyone how to use this.”

If you are undergoing any significant changes in your organization and are looking for support in preparing for and navigating those changes, we would love to help. Change management is not a part to be overlooked, and by working with our Business Transformation team at Uptima, you can rest assured that you will be set up for success.

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Written by Rita Hartman, Principal Consultant on the Business Transformation Team at Uptima