Automotive & Mobility + AI

AI-driven, real-time automotive solutions from the assembly line to the sales floor.

Automotive & Mobility + AI redefines the automotive landscape, seamlessly merging AI to meet industry-specific demands and putting your business on the road to unparalleled innovation and success.

Automotive & Mobility + AI with Uptima

Our Elevate innovation team is revolutionizing the automotive industry, infusing innovation into every customer interaction and sales process. With AI-empowered insights and CRM enhancements, we created a leap into the future of automotive sales, where every decision is informed, and every customer experience is personalized.

For Sales Teams:

  • Seamlessly match inventory with customer preferences
  • Make customer interests actionable within CRM systems
  • Break down silos and expand visibility across dealership groups

For Executives:

  • Enable dynamic, persona-based reporting and analytics
  • Streamline system integration for real-time revenue management
  • Manage households beyond physical addresses, enhancing CLTV

Leaders in rapid, customizable AI solutions

Our experts are redefining what's possible in business, applying the transformative power of generative AI across industries and operations

Key Trends for 2024

Discover how Uptima is driving change in the automotive industry, focusing on integrated technology solutions and trends like omnichannel retail, connected vehicles, and AI

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Case Study

Learn how Uptima enhanced a vehicle manufacturer's customer service and dealer management by streamlining workflows, improving repair order accuracy, and enabling effective customer engagement and inventory tracking

Press Release

Hear from Uptima’s CEO about how we’re revolutionizing the automotive industry with advanced technology integration

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Omnichannel Retail

Explore how omnichannel retail is integrating diverse customer channels for enhanced experiences and increased sales opportunities

A seamless approach to all of your business problems is here

Our Approach

A unified platform that supports your end-to-end business journey, including after-sales service and parts management. Consolidate all your data in one centralized location, empowering teams and enhancing customer satisfaction from discovery through post-purchase support.


Streamline sales & aftersales performance with a focus on customer relations with our AI-driven solutions

RV Manufacturers

Optimize customer experience and market responsiveness with our integrated platform

Automotive & Parts Suppliers

Gain a competitive edge with efficient supply chain management and data insights


Leverage AI for innovative design and solving for industry pain points

Fleet Companies

Improve fleet management and cost-efficiency through our advanced analytics and AI tools

Ready to take the first step on your journey to the future?

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