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Transformation & Implementation

Customer faced an array of operational obstacles hindering their goals of significantly enhanced efficiency and scalable growth 

An absence of a comprehensive system for tracking warranties and contracts

A lack of serialization for all assets and parts, complicating inventory management

No established field service system, causing inefficiencies in operations

Dependence on Excel and ProntoForms for scheduling and dispatching, limiting organizational growth

Uptima executed a comprehensive integration of Salesforce Field Service and ServiceMax Asset 360 to streamline and enhance the customer’s field service operations and reporting:

Instituted advanced tracking for warranties and contracts to ensure accountability and transparency

Implemented serialization for all assets and parts, establishing a robust system for inventory and asset management

Improved operational efficiency and coordination with a dedicated field service system for dispatching and scheduling, replacing reliance on Excel and ProntoForms

Paved the way for scalable growth through systematic improvements and adoption of advanced technologies

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