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"We hired Uptima to implement Field Service Lightning (FSL), but in the end they helped with that and much more, all under budget and on time. After we finished the initial work on FSL, we had  budget left over to get started with case management on service cloud.

We are very, very excited to reduce our massive daily e-mail intake. It would not be without their guidance that we would be able to greatly reduce our admin time by simplifying processes and removing duplicated efforts. I highly recommend Uptima!”


Director of Sales

The implementation of Field Service did not go as planned. Customer needed new hands on the project.

The customer previously implemented Field Service with a different company, but it was a failed implementation

Trainers had different specialties and some were traveling far more than necessary. This was difficult for project managers to track and coordinate.

The field Service team was using three siloed systems for communication, but this was confusing and difficult to track

Customer wanted a process that automatically created quote documents

Uptima implemented Salesforce Field Service and DocuSign Gen for Salesforce to meet customer requirements

Streamlined service territories to optimize training assignments by location, skillset, and certifications

Simplified the booking process for dispatch from a multi-source approach to a 4-click process

DocuSign implementation allowed for quote generation directly from opportunities, saving employee time and ensuring accuracy

Due to coming in under budget and ahead of schedule, case management was also implemented to improve customer inquiries to a group inbox

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