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Customer grappled with an overinflated product catalog, inconsistent pricing policies, and an overwhelming number of required approvals, all of which constrained efficient business operations 

Inefficient use of the quoting tool led to improperly configured products and a cluttered product catalog

The absence of a transparent and consistent pricing policy affected the journey from list price to end-user price

The inability to leverage transactional data from the front office hindered pricing refinement and control

Resources and time were strained as the company faced over 50,000 required approvals per quarter

Uptima employed a combination of innovative tools and processes to alleviate the client’s operational bottlenecks and enhance pricing intelligence:

Simplified the product catalog using OOTB CPQ tools, reducing complexity and ensuring proper product configuration

Utilized pricing intelligence to decrease the number of required approvals, alleviating the burdensome approval process

Implemented a comprehensive pricing waterfall process, ensuring consistency and transparency from list price to end-user price

Developed real-time reports to collect sales and pricing information, enabling data-driven business decisions

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