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Uptima’s delivery methodology ensured a successful CPQ implementation for us. Not only are they domain experts, but they are creative, professional, and reliable.

If any issues arose, Uptima was out front of it and communicated with us very early on while engaging our steering committee for collaborative smooth resolution.”


Director, Pricing Strategy

Customer experienced significant growth through acquisition and was working to align its internal systems and selling approach to a common platform.

This effort included a significant amount of transformation as different business units realign their products and selling processes to create a unified sales experience across the organization.

Uptima needed to assure that quotes were accurate and achieved a certain level of approvals while accelerating the quotation process

Uptima utilized Salesforce CPQ as a common platform for all quotes

Consolidated all sales quoting to a single platform while replacing legacy quoting applications and numerous spreadsheet quotation tools

Simplified and standardized their product offerings making them easier to sell

Integrated with existing back office solutions

Implemented a highly guided selling experience for their subscription offerings

Proactive and automated renewal opportunity and quote creation process

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Accelerate your top line across every single customer touch point. Seamlessly.

Finally, a tech stack to monetize all touch points across all channels.

We approach products and pain-points with your entire business process in mind. Not just what your business looks like today, but also what you want your business to look like several years from now. With this approach, we build a solution that can— and will — grow with you.


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