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Your challenges solved with real‑time AI. Any object, any data.

Elevate GenAI is an industry-agnostic solution that seamlessly and instantly infuses your operations with the unmatched precision and adaptability of AI, so you can turn any challenge into an opportunity for innovation.

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Revolutionary AI functionality,
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Unleash the power of generative artificial intelligence for Salesforce

Tailored to your business: A dynamic, flow-based configuration empowers you to effortlessly tailor prompts and data, making AI adapt to your unique needs

Swift and flexible configuration: Seamlessly apply AI to any Salesforce object, whether standard or custom, all within a matter of minutes

Grounded in your reality: Deeply rooted in your core data, Elevate GenAI generates sharper insights, smarter solutions, and outcomes more aligned with your unique business challenges

Bring Your Own AI: With the flexibility to integrate with leading AI platforms like OpenAI and Einstein GPT, you’re not restricted to one option

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Three simple steps to transformation:

Woman wearing bright orange shirt working in an office. Overlay illustration demonstrating 3 easy steps to Generative Artificial Intelligence with Elevate GenAI

Step 1
Tell us about your business

Step 2
Share your challenges, pain points, and what you wish AI could help with

Step 3
Implement Elevate GenAI and unlock the power of AI for your business

Enjoy lightning-fast resolutions, enhanced efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and an overall uplifted experience. Any object, any data.

Our Latest Solutions

Enjoy AI-driven, real-time business intelligence

Medical technician working in laboratory

Automate case creation, provide smart scheduling recommendations, and curate tailor-made work plans

Two men in hardhats discussing maintenance project in manufacturing facility
Work Order Management

Generate intelligent insights and recommendations for optimal scheduling and execution

Busy office environment including coworkers collaborating in cubicle
Inbox Clean Up

Achieve a clutter-free inbox, intelligently categorizing and prioritizing your emails

Logistics, sorting and packing facility including parcels on conveyer belt
Case Management

Automatically extract and spotlight key information to ensure quick and effective resolutions

Our Approach to AI

We don’t just integrate AI, we refine it for your vision. Rooted in the principles of forward-thinking and precision, we leverage the best resources, from Salesforce Data Cloud to Einstein GPT, creating AI solutions that set you apart and keep you a step ahead.

Unlocking the potential of cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI, Uptima is a proven leader in applied AI trusted by diverse industries. From finance to healthcare, our versatile AI solutions are writing success stories across sectors.

AI Partners & Platforms

We Partner with the World’s Best AI Platforms

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