AI Office Hours

2:00 pm EST April 18 | Virtual Meeting

Welcome to our AI Office Hours.
Join us for an engaging and informative session designed to help you explore the possibilities of AI in Salesforce. Our expert team is here to provide personalized guidance, share best practices, and answer your burning questions. Our goal is to ignite Salesforce AI on platform for our customers by getting their AI journey started in the right direction and accelerating time to value.

Don't miss this chance to ask the AI experts, explore the possibilities, and build the confidence to transform business processes with AI in Salesforce.

What to Expect:

Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage in lively discussions with our expert team and fellow Salesforce sellers. You bring the topics, and we will explore the solutions together.

Tailored Guidance: Receive personalized advice and solutions to address your specific goals for AI in Salesforce.

Insider Insights: Gain access to insider tips and best practices to optimize Salesforce performance and responses.

Actionable Takeaways: Leave with practical strategies and newfound confidence to elevate your Salesforce game.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, share experiences, and expand your professional network in a supportive environment.


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April 18, Biweekly on Thursdays | 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm EDT

2:00 - 2:05 PM: Kick things off with a warm welcome. 

2:05 - 2:20 PM: AI Essentials. We'll break down the essentials and latest updates with an honest and hands-on approach. No fluff or demo-magic in these discussions. 

2:20 - 2:50 PM: Interactive Q&A: Ask Anything About Salesforce & AI. Have burning questions about Salesforce or AI? Salesforce Copilot? Utilizing R-AG in Salesforce? Now's your chance to ask away! Our team can share best practice, current limitations, and best use case feedback for the world's best AI technologies.

2:50 - 3:00 PM: Wrap-Up & Networking. Wrap up questions, schedule follow-ups where needed, and share new discoveries with your colleagues.

See you there!

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