Accelerating Revenue Generation for MedTech Webinar

Uncover insights with Uptima, Salesforce, and DocuSign as we share best practices. revolutionize how you provision services and support your devices when they are deployed in the field. 

Watch to learn:

  • How to accelerate sales and service cycles to generate more revenue
  • Gain transparency into your sales cycles to overcome bottlenecks
  • Understand how addressing the contracting process can speed up time to revenue

 Learn how MedTech companies have transformed their customer onboarding experience, automated form generation, improved enrollment in subscription-based services and consumables. We’ll showcase how these leaders have extended warranty add-ons and ongoing maintenance agreements, providing your customers with added value and ensuring long-term loyalty. You’ll discover how focusing on your contracting process improves compliance with region-specific terms and regulatory language, while simplifying billing processes.

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About Our Panelists

Derrick Schultz | VP - Contract Management Solutions and Oilfield Solutions, Uptima

Vaughn Schouten | Global Head, MedTech Advisory and Innovation, Salesforce

Michael 'MJ' Jackson | VP, Global Head of Industries, DocuSign



Wednesday,  September 27th | 12pm- 12:45pm EDT

11:55-12pm EDT: Join us from your device. Don't forget to grab a fresh cup of joe for an engaging session ahead!

12:00-12:05 - Introductions: Let's kick things off with a warm welcome and get to know our Industry Experts.

12:05 pm- 12:25 - Presentations: We'll dive into captivating insights and game-changing strategies that will spark your MedTech sales brilliance.

12:25-12:35 - Demo: Prepare to be amazed by our live demo, where you'll witness firsthand how we transform the MedTech sales landscape.

12:35-12:45 - Q/A: Ask those burning questions, share your thoughts, and engage in lively discussions with our experts.

12:45- Close: We'll leave you a clear roadmap to success in the MedTech industry.


About Uptima

Uptima is a global consulting and system integration firm specializing in B2B Customer Experience Transformation in the areas of Quote to Cash, Field Service Management and Contract Lifecycle Management. Uptima helps clients optimize their revenue, service and agreement processes and build their future Sales, Service, Legal, and Revenue Operations. With over 15 years of experience and a portfolio with hundreds of successful implementations, Uptima serves clients across the globe.

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