Our new series, The Office of the CFO: Enabled through Salesforce

At Uptima, we believe in making things easier for ourselves, our customers, and our partners. It’s at the heart of every decision we make and every project we complete. We have worked with CFOs and Finance teams across the globe. Regardless of the business focus, there are key priorities that Salesforce can address, and our Revenue Cloud team is going to go through each one for an educational series.

This 7 part series will take a deep dive into the following focuses:


The Office of the CFO: Enabled through Salesforce

Series Authored by

Sean Philbin, Senior Practice Director, Revenue Solutions
Marei Draper, Principal Consultant
Alex Bell, Chief Strategy Officer


Alex Bell has decades of experience working with finance teams and digital strategy, Marei Draper was an accountant in a past life, and Sean Philbin heads our Revenue Solutions practice, leading the way to strategic resolutions for clients most challenging problems.

Stay tuned for the first article coming out shortly!