Uptima Announces Lancaster Safety Consulting as First to Experience Elevate GenAI

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PITTSBURGH, October 17, 2023 —Uptima, the rapidly-growing consulting firm behind the cutting edge innovation practice, Uptima Elevate, is proud to announce that Lancaster Safety Consulting is the first company to experience the groundbreaking new Elevate GenAI tool. This pivotal collaboration underlines the rapid and significant strides being made in harnessing generative artificial intelligence to transform business operations.

Fresh off its launch, Elevate GenAI promises a seamless infusion of AI capabilities into business processes. Lancaster Safety Consulting, always at the forefront of innovation, is the ideal partner to experience firsthand the transformative power of this tool, with its promise of implementing AI in just one hour.

Adam Menzies, CEO of Uptima, expressed his excitement: "We're thrilled to have Lancaster Safety as the pioneering customer for Elevate GenAI. Their commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions aligns perfectly with our mission at Uptima. Together, we're charting a new course for the industry."

Jason Lancaster, Vice President of Operations at Lancaster Safety Consulting, echoed the enthusiasm: "Lancaster Safety Consulting is always seeking ways to improve upon our world class customer service. With Elevate GenAI, we believe we've found an exciting avenue to do just that. This collaboration with Uptima allows us to integrate AI throughout our business processes, which will increase our operational efficiency allowing our staff to enhance our already exceptional customer experience. We are eager to harness the full capabilities of generative AI, and the transformative potential Elevate GenAI offers cannot be overstated."

Lou Simon, Vice President of Uptima Elevate, added: "Our collaboration with Lancaster Safety Consulting illustrates the philosophy behind Elevate GenAI: making AI accessible and impactful for all businesses. We're eager to see the limitless ways in which Lancaster Safety utilizes this tool to drive innovation and growth."

With this strategic partnership, both Uptima and Lancaster Safety Consulting are bringing the future of generative AI integration to today's business landscape.

To discover more about the capabilities of Elevate GenAI, visit uptima.com/ElevateGenAI/.

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