Uptima Launches AI-Powered Automotive & Mobility Practice

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PITTSBURGH, December 5, 2023 — Uptima, the rapidly growing consulting firm behind the cutting edge innovation practice, Uptima Elevate, today announced the launch of its AI-driven  Automotive & Mobility Practice. This new venture is dedicated to implementing profound change in the automotive industry by integrating advanced technologies that enable companies to streamline their business processes and embrace the digital future.

Uptima’s Automotive & Mobility Practice is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing the automotive sector. By leveraging the power of integrated artificial intelligence solutions, Uptima is turning traditional, disconnected business systems into cohesive, efficient, and customer-centric models. The focus is on providing seamless omnichannel retail experiences, enhancing customer lifetime value, connecting CRM to DMS, and integrating connected vehicle technologies.

In addition to revolutionizing core business processes, Uptima’s Automotive & Mobility Practice places a significant emphasis on enhancing after-sales service and parts management, crucial for customer satisfaction and profitability in this industry. Focusing on process optimization, e-commerce for parts sales, predictive analytics, and preventative maintenance, Uptima is dedicated to improving after-sales support and customer communication.

Adam Menzies, CEO of Uptima, expressed his vision for the new practice: “The launch of our Automotive & Mobility Practice marks a significant milestone in Uptima’s journey. We recognize the unique challenges and immense potential in the automotive industry and are thrilled to collaborate with dealers, RV manufacturers, automotive suppliers, OEM, fleet companies, and other mobility companies so they can more effectively navigate the complexities of digital transformation and emerge as leaders in an AI-driven marketplace.”

The Automotive & Mobility Practice will apply cutting-edge AI solutions to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer journey and streamline inventory management for enhanced productivity and decision-making. This holistic approach is tailored to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and elevate the overall customer experience in the automotive sector.

Lou Simon, Vice President of Innovation at Uptima, highlighted the significance of this initiative: “Our Automotive & Mobility Practice is not just about integrating technology, it’s about reshaping the entire ecosystem of automotive business operations. Uptima’s expertise in AI coupled with our deep understanding of the automotive industry uniquely positions us to drive significant transformation and lead our clients towards a future of innovation and growth.”

“At Uptima we are committed to supporting our Automotive & Mobility customers in breaking down their pain points and truly being an advisor to their business,” shares Nikhil Bhatia, Sr. Sales Director, Automotive and Manufacturing at Uptima. “We look forward to making a meaningful contribution, helping our customers achieve a smarter approach to growth and excellence.”

For more information on Uptima’s Automotive & Mobility Practice and how it is set to redefine the automotive industry, please visit www.uptima.com/automotive