Dreamforce Session: Inside the Office of the CFO

Discover the transformative potential of financial innovation and business excellence in our recent speaker session at The Factory at Spur from Dreamforce 2023. Unlock insights that can reshape your financial strategies and drive your business to new heights. Let’s go Inside the Office of the CFO, enabled by Salesforce.

Unifying the CRO and CFO

As businesses grow more complex, with multiple sales channels and diverse go-to-market strategies, friction between sales and finance departments is not uncommon. The solution? Revenue Operations, or RevOps, a comprehensive approach designed to achieve four shared objectives: optimizing pricing for improved conversion and margins, reducing revenue leakage, proactively addressing customer churn, and uncovering new revenue opportunities using customer data and AI.

The Automated Revenue Lifecycle

Salesforce has automated a remarkable 90% of the order-to-cash process. This entails streamlining quoting, contracting, order submission, billing, and revenue recognition. This automation boosts efficiency and compliance across all channels, reducing manual work and enhancing overall business operations.

RevOps + AI = Results

The combination of RevOps and AI has yielded impressive results. This synergy accelerates approvals, improves user experiences, and provides comprehensive visibility for the Chief Revenue Officer. Businesses can make informed decisions, identify trends, predict future outcomes, reduce operational costs, increase employee efficiency, and receive personalized recommendations. It also optimizes inventory levels, predicts demand, and streamlines supply chain operations, ultimately driving profitability.

The Shift Towards Recurring Revenue

The business landscape is gravitating towards subscription services, which presents challenges for traditional ERPs that are resistant to change. To adapt to the evolving world of recurring revenue, Salesforce is an indispensable solution that provides flexibility and adaptability.

Sales and Finance in Harmony

Aligning the sales and finance functions is essential for a thriving business. Salesforce offers an improved data model, a superior user experience, faster time-to-market, and the ability to capture revenue intelligently throughout the revenue lifecycle. This alignment ensures that your business operates seamlessly, efficiently, and profitably.

The Challenges of M&A

Mergers and acquisitions can be intricate undertakings, but Salesforce can simplify the process. Strong governance, harmonious digital footprints, and agile onboarding in a unified organizational structure make M&A more efficient.

Embrace the Future

Let the Office of the CFO, powered by Salesforce, lead your organization towards innovation and prosperity. By unifying the CRO and CFO, streamlining revenue operations, and adapting to the evolving landscape of recurring revenue and M&A, businesses can enhance their financial strategies and drive growth. Watch the recorded session to gain insights that can reshape your business outcomes.