Dreamforce Session: Real-Time Order Management for SAP Customers

Imagine a seamless integration between your SAP systems and front-end applications, where data flows effortlessly, customer experiences are enhanced, and operational efficiency is the new norm.

The Customer at the Core

The digital age requires more than just technical integration – it demands an evolution in customer engagement. enosix’s recent Dreamforce session took a deep dive into how businesses can transcend traditional integration norms. No longer is it just about connecting systems; it’s about transforming customer service roles from cost centers to revenue generators.

A Glimpse into Operational Excellence

The heart of every customer-centric business is its order history. The need to empower businesses with real-time order insights is at the forefront of driving operational excellence and enhancing customer satisfaction in today’s fast-paced and dynamic business landscape. “For us, surfacing order history information in real-time inside Salesforce was a game-changer,” says Michael Janney, Vice President of Industries at Salesforce. Imagine the impact of empowering your sales team with instant, accurate order information at their fingertips.

Effortless Pricing Retrieval

Pricing complexities often plague businesses, especially when dealing with contracted and ad-hoc pricing structures. enosix eliminates the need for complex ETL processes, allowing businesses to seamlessly retrieve pricing information from SAP. “Variant configuration and orders are a huge use case for us. We can get the right pricing from SAP, saving us time and reducing errors,” says Javed Panjwani, Vice President at enosix.

From Problem Solvers to Opportunity Creators

By arming customer service representatives with comprehensive, real-time information, businesses can shift focus from solving problems to creating opportunities. “Happy reps mean better performance, longevity, and reduced attrition,” says Bhupendra Patel, Order Servicing Solutions Director at Salesforce, emphasizing the human-centric approach that can be brought to SAP integration.

Elevate Your SAP Integration Experience

enosix offers more than just a bridge between systems – they are your ally in delivering unparalleled customer experiences. Transform your business, streamline operations, and connect with us to discover the next level of SAP integration.