Uptima Introduces The Future of Generative AI Integration: Elevate GenAI

Woman wearing bright orange shirt working in an office. Overlay illustration demonstrating 3 easy steps to Generative Artificial Intelligence with Elevate GenAI

PITTSBURGH, October 10, 2023 — Uptima, the rapidly-growing consulting firm behind the cutting edge innovation practice, Uptima Elevate, proudly unveils its latest innovation, Elevate GenAI. As businesses stand at the threshold of the AI-powered revolution, Uptima is dedicated to making the power of generative artificial intelligence not just available but accessible to all. Elevate GenAI exemplifies this mission, enabling businesses to effortlessly and affordably embrace AI within their operational processes.

A testament to Uptima’s dedication to driving business growth and efficiency, Elevate GenAI offers a rapid and tailored AI configuration that allows businesses to seamlessly apply AI to any Salesforce object. Deeply rooted to core data, it ensures insights and outcomes precisely aligned to meet the unique challenges of each business.

By partnering with leading AI platforms such as OpenAI and Einstein GPT, Elevate GenAI ensures businesses benefit from the pinnacle of AI technology. This strategic collaboration allows for a harmonious blend of technology and business intelligence, fostering a unified, future-ready platform.

Adam Menzies, CEO of Uptima, shares his enthusiasm: “The introduction of Elevate GenAI marks a transformative era for businesses across every sector. With generative AI, we’re not just solving challenges for today, we’re crafting solutions for tomorrow. Elevate GenAI represents Uptima’s unwavering commitment to propel businesses into the future, making AI an integral part of their operations that is grounded, relatable, and within reach.”

Lou Simon, Vice President of Uptima Elevate, emphasizes the significance of this launch: “Elevate GenAI is not just about showcasing technology, it’s about reimagining what’s possible. It demonstrates what generative AI can truly accomplish for businesses, grounded in their own data. This tool embodies Uptima’s dedication to demystifying and democratizing cutting-edge technologies, allowing our customers to meaningfully engage with and embrace the transformative power of AI.”

To dive deeper into the capabilities and offerings of Elevate GenAI, please visit uptima.com/ElevateGenAI.

About Uptima

Uptima is a global consulting and system integration firm specializing in B2B Customer Experience Transformation in the areas of Quote to Cash, Field Service Management and Contract Lifecycle Management. Uptima helps clients optimize their revenue, service and agreement processes and build their future Sales, Service, Legal, and Revenue Operations. With over 15 years of experience and a portfolio with hundreds of successful implementations, Uptima serves clients across the globe.

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