Uptima Elevate, Breaking down Our Approach by Industry

  At Uptima, our Elevate team is working on industry solutions that can help customers and their business in the end-to-end revenue lifecycle. As part of this effort, we understand […]

Uptima Announces New Business Innovation, Uptima Elevate

  PITTSBURGH, April 10, 2023  — Uptima, a rapidly growing consulting firm that created “Everything-to-Revenue™”, releases a new approach to industry-specific innovation: Uptima Elevate. Elevate works with the world’s best […]

Breaking Manufacturing Cloud Myths

  Manufacturing Cloud is becoming a more commonly known Salesforce product that many companies are just starting to hear about. Launched in October 2019, it “brings sales and operations teams […]

8 Important Questions to Ask When Planning an Integration

  There is plenty of information on the internet that talks about various integrations, tools, and integration patterns. In fact, there is so much information that even the most experienced […]

Tips for Successful Digital Transformation

  What Should You Expect When Planning a Field Service Asset Management Digital Transformation? Digital transformations are a huge undertaking. Digital transformations for field service and asset management are even […]

Merger Acquisition & Onboarding Readiness, All in Salesforce (Office of the CFO Series, Part 6)

  Many organizations strategically expand, grow, invest, hedge and capture market share through merger and acquisitions. A challenge that is often faced in M&A is how to digitally onboard people, […]

CPQ Success Part 1: 5 Critical Things for a Successful CPQ Transformation

  Do you want this CPQ project to be minimally disruptive? Then, you’re already preparing to fail. To be successful with CPQ (and Billing), you must come to the table […]

Revenue Forecasting, Reporting, Leakage and Churn (Office of the CFO Series, Part 5)

Throughout this series we have covered critical factors that enable the Office of the CFO including Sales & Financial Master, Data Readiness, Salesforce + ERP, SSP & the Sales Catalog […]

Manufacturing Cloud: Extending Sales Agreement Capabilities for Run Rate Business

  The management of run rate business forecasting is one of many challenges we see in manufacturing companies. Accurate forecasting can have a significant impact on your business, from volume […]

4 Tips for Successful Organizational Change Management:

Defining Change Management In the Salesforce ecosystem, there are a lot of deep discussions around how to make a solution work: What we want to happen behind the scenes How […]