Window and Door Provider

Optimized communication channels and service processesWindow and Door Provider manufactures premium window and door products for homes.Seamless integration with FeneVision, aligning manufacturing with sales and service processes Enabled significant scaling […]

Hydration Technology Company

Enhanced customer interaction and operational efficiencyHydration Technology Company provides filtered water solutions through a diverse range of bottle-free machines.Reduced dependency on manual processes, facilitating scalability Enhanced field service efficiency, leading […]

Safety Consulting Firm

Boosted efficiency and drastically reduced time with applied AISafety Consulting Firm helps companies develop, implement, and maintain safety programs.Enhanced visibility by increasing awareness of customer agreements, enabling better informed actions […]

Architectural Glass & Aluminum Company

Revolutionized operations by unifying systemsArchitectural Glass and Aluminum Company delivers innovative design and installation services.Transitioned from six disparate applications to a unified Salesforce-based workflowReduced risk of errors and improved team […]

Property Inspection Services Company

Optimized appointment scheduling and enhanced client communicationProperty Inspection Services Company is a leader in professional claims and inspection solutions.Empowered clients with real-time visibility into inspector availability, streamlining the scheduling process […]

Eye Care Solutions Provider

Enhanced operational efficiency in service deliveryEye Care Solutions Provider offers a comprehensive range of advanced eye care instruments and expert services.Saved over $2 million per year through the implementation of […]

Electrical Services Company

Optimized asset management and reduced revenue leakageElectrical Services Company specializes in testing, transformer installation and repair, engineering, maintenance, grid equipment, and cyber security services.Reduced asset and service revenue leakage, safeguarding […]

Heavy Industry Company

Streamlined operations and improved productivityHeavy Industry Company provides production equipment services for customers in automotive, steel, beverage and other heavy industries.Mitigated risks and enhanced customer service by ensuring accurate tracking […]

Adoption Strategy: The Executive’s Key to Success 

Success in a changing climate In today’s economic climate, change is constant. Executives who want to ensure the success of their organization need to be skilled with managing change. This […]

Engineering Cloud Company

Modernized contracting and quoting processesEngineering Cloud Company offers customers digital platform transformation by using different technology strategies. Customer needed Master Data Management strategy and was unsure of where to begin their […]